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Celebrating and Honoring Women Around The World :

March was Women History Month . But it is not the only time we should honor and celebrate women in our community . It is time to recognize women for all the jobs they do all year long . It is time for equal pay and stopping stereotype . Here you will find products you'll need if you would like to organize a empowering women's event or simply items you can buy for yourself to display your feminist side :) This is just to show what we have available . If you are looking to buy anything , you will be redirected to one of our online stores .

Let's start with some furniture and other home decor such as pillows and tapestry that can be found in our Society6 shop . 


And some more merchandise from the same store , including coasters , pouches , bags and t-shirts :


If you are not a fan of black background , we also have some merchandise in our Redbubble that has a coral background instead of black .


And finally if you are organizing a special event to empower women in your community , you may want to check our Zazzle store . There you'll find anything you need such as paper plates , napkins , treats , gift bags , and gifts such as buttons , keychains , t-shirts and more .


  Seasonal Gifts !

Are you ready to celebrate Halloween , Thanksgiving and Christmas ? 

Here you will find everything you need for the upcoming Holidays : cards , stickers , labels , gift-wrapping supplies , party supplies and personalized gifts . Sit back and take a look ...

Everything is fun , colorful and pretty . Make sure to look at the top of the page for more savings and special codes . Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you need help to locate a product . And remember ! When you choose an item from here (as opposed as the big box stores) you will support a local artist . Thank you !


The end of the year gets busy very quickly . First we got Halloween . It's fun to wear costumes , get together with friends . And we're here to help you celebrate . We pride ourselves in creating fun , kids friendly , non-scary designs .You'll find everything you need from cards and stickers , to paper plates and napkins and even treats . Take a look !

Halloween witches party supply


Click on the image to find the Halloween witch mixing the brew . Find the cards here

If your children prefer little monsters , we have some fun ones for you . They can be found on party supply , pillows , pouches , and even credenza and curtains . The latest can be found in our Redbubble and Society6 stores .

Watercolor monsters



Looking for some Holiday home decor to get you in the mood ? Here you'll find colorful stockings , ornaments , clocks , table runners , candles and so much more . 


You will also find all the gift wrapping supply you need , such as wrapping papers , gift bags , tissue papers ,  ribbons , stickers , gift tags , etc. 


And of course it would not be complete without some Christmas party supply ! So here it is !













Teacher supplies quickly add up . We are aware that most educators are spending a lot of their own money for classroom and teaching materials . That is why we will always start this section with the best deal you can get on our products . We want to help you get what you need without compromising on boring items and without breaking the bank . Always look at the top image on this page and look for the special discount code . 


General Supplies :


This is for you if you are not looking for anything in particular , but just want to look around . We have plenty to offer all year long . Most of our supplies can be found in our main Zazzle store , so that is where you'll be redirected . You'll find teacher planners , file folders , classroom library stickers , postcards , notepads , pens , and so much more . Click on the image above and see for yourself . If you look for something in particular , then keep scrolling down until you find what you are searching for .


Badges & Badge Holders :



 Those are relativety new (they were first created at the beginning of the year ) . They are both for elementary school teachers and school librarians . Wearing a badge at work doesn't have to be boring ! All badges have a space to add a photo ID (on the front) and a signature or code bar (on the back) . They are very easy to personalize thanks to the provided template . If you would like matching badge designs for your entire school or school district , let us know . We would love to help . Simply message us through our contact page .

To go along with the badge , we also have fun badge reels . Just choose the one you like .


Personalized door signs :



Cute and colorful door signs to put on your door . They make your classroom , the library or school office easily recognizable . A template is provided to personalize them with your name . The neat thing about those signs is that they are like dry erase boards . You can write on them as you please ....and erase !


Student Incentives :



 We believe that encouraging students when they are improving one of their skills or whenever they are doing an awesome job is very important . They are many different ways to do that .We try to create fun items for the kids to collect . Some of the things you can use as rewards are mini bookmarks , pencils , stickers and buttons . Feel free to come take a look and see what we have .


 Hall Passes Badges :



 We started designing some really cute hall passes and we will continue to add some more as the year goes by . They are easy to personalize with the teacher's name , room number and the type of pass your want (office , nurse , library , etc) . They are designed by PVC Invitations and are available for sale in our Zazzle store


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